Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moving on... sorta...

How do we know when to move on from a project? For a long time I didn't know. On multiple occasions I have let perfection become procrastination or I was just procrastinating and dressing it up like masterful work. Mum tells me it's genetic.

The album I release yesterday is made up of music that I wrote over a year ago and music that I wrote four weeks ago. I can't believe it has taken me this long to distribute it to platforms where I can earn some revenue.  A teacher of mine last year told me to start distributing music to licensing libraries. I did my research, but I had (silly) doubts. Was I good enough? How would someone find my music? Is this site legit? Silly doubts. So a few weeks back I went with a distribution and publishing company that would works as a licensing library while putting my music in digital stores like iTunes and Spotify.

Back to the question from the start. How do we know when to move on? It's really up to us. I finished the Album a couple weeks ago, did some trial runs, and did some final tweaks last week.

 So is it for me to move onto the next project? YES! In fact I just wrote a new piece yesterday that I will share later. 

Is it time for me to move on from promoting my last project? HELL NO! So please have a listen to my music. I'm proud of it and I think it's pretty quirky like me. 

Quick recap: Boo to procrastination, do what Nike says. Knock back silly doubts. New song later! and listen to Songs for Eye Candy.

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